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Practice common in all environments surrounded by physical activity and training, stretching is world knowledge, however, is that everyone knows it and defines the types of stretching?

The stretching definition has variations within the literature. Fernandes et al. (2002) reports that the stretching causes an increase of joint mobility and decreased incidence of contractures by means of a voltage applied to the soft tissue causing its extensibility. Another definition is presented by Dantas (2005), in which stretching is a form of activity that aims to maintain the flexibility levels obtained by performing movements with normal amplitudes, without physical restrictions.

It is believed that the ancient Greeks used some type of flexibility training, allowing them to tap dance, perform stunts and fight with greater ease. Alter (1999) cited by Achour Júnior (2006) reports that, since antiquity, the stretching has been used as a way of development of flexibility.

Stretching bring many benefits, among them the development of body awareness (improving posture), the reduction in joint tensions caused by muscles much shortened (which most often are responsible for joint problems, especially in the elderly or individuals who get hooked on the wrong positions on a daily basis), increase in mechanical efficiency by allowing the achievement of sporting gestures on tracks below the ceiling where the resistance to motion gesture is greater.

Therefore, stretching can not only be Considered exercise Performed to gain flexibility, but Also a means used in therapeutic treatments, gain strength and other physical Improves capabilities such as motor coordination. Stretching is Also a way to prepare the body for physical activity. Upon waking, When We espreguiçamos, we are running the natural maneuver stretching, preparing the body for the day’s agricultural activities. It is Concluded que the various forms of stretching are shown interesting practice, However, When You make? In future posts kinds of stretching and Their Risks and benefits will be Addressed.

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