Suggestions exercises to prevent lower back injury.


In the previous publication we highlight the planning necessary for good prevention of injury in the lower back. In terms of today we highlight some exercises suggested by Wheeler (2015), which can be used in a training program aimed at injury prevention.

Superman (or Bird Dog Exercise)

In the initial position the athlete / student should support your hands and knees on the ground, and the hands are slightly ahead of the line of the shoulders, parallel, and knees are resting on the hip line. The abdominals tight, parallel column to the ground lined with hip shall column (you can use a foam roller supported on the back in order to serve as a parameter for the athlete / student can notice if’re hip out of position). In the final position the individual must extend a whole and do the same arm with the contralateral leg, thus allowing greater instability requiring higher abdominal and lumbar action (Mc GILL e KARPOWICZ, 2009).

Side plank progression

In the image we show a progression to the advanced position. At first the subject should be positioned laterally to the ground with forearm support and the contralateral hand on the waist, knee flexion and semi aligned feet. In the next step, knees rise leaving only the forearm and the foot for support, requiring intense abdominal contraction, mostly oblique. The last image shows the advanced position, executed when you can run the previous position with ease for more than 30 seconds. At this stage the practitioner must set aside the lower limbs, increasing the difficulty of execution.

Author’s suggestion: 30 seconds.

Curl Up

3A picture shows the starting position, supine and totally relaxed with his hands on the trunk. In the image 3B, final position, the athlete / student contracts all the abdominal muscles raising her hands to the upper border of the patella (no more than that) and back slowly until you reach the starting position again (Mc Gill and Karpowicz, 2009). Research suggests that unstable surface increases muscle activation that year, so in case of individuals at advanced level can be applied such variation (VERA-GARCIA, GRENIER, McGILL, 2000).

Author’s suggestion: 3×10-15 repetitions.

Hand placement for dead bug

Standing, semi individual flexing arms and supports hands in the lower back with your thumbs facing up. Interesting exercise for learning maintaining neutral pelvic position (CHON, and YOU CHANG, 2010).

Author’s suggestion: 30/2

Dead bug exercise

This year begins supine in a position similar to the previous year, with legs bent (90 °). In high level, a leg is extended while the other is maintained at 90 °, increasing the difficulty.

Author’s Tip: 3×15 seconds.

Bridge with extended leg (Bridge with leg extended)

The athlete / student is positioned supine on a comfortable surface with only the forearms, feet and hands resting on the floor. After adjustment and correct execution and easily, one leg should be extended without allowing the fall of the hip. The position requires the abdominal, lumbar contraction of the hamstrings and glutes.

Author’s suggestion: 3x 30 seconds.

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