What are elongate, mediolinear and longilineal?


In a previous publication we present the differences between ectomorphs, mesomorph and endomorphs. In the current publication we will explain in more detail what are elongate, mediolinear and longilineal and their characteristics.

Humans have the characteristic of having a large variability corporeal, they can be the extreme type and the medium type. Extreme type are longilineal and elongate, the medium type is mediolinear.

According Dangelo & Fattini (2007), the longilineal has the characteristic of being thin, usually high, long limbs compared to shoulder height. The elongate are generally low, short neck and small members in relation to the shoulders and wider body than the other types. The mediolinear has the characteristic of transition between two types.

Nepomuceno (2009) mentions some characteristics of each biotype:


* Elongated neck and slender, sharp chest * Members elongated with frank predominance of the trunk * Thin muscle and adipose tissue undeveloped * Tendency to high stature Mediolinear * Balance between members and the trunk * Harmonious development of muscle and fat distribution Elongate * Neck short and thick, broad and bulky chest * Short members in relation to the trunk * Developed muscles and thick adipose tissue * Tendency to short stature