Before or after training, when ingesting Creatine?


       Creatine is an amino acid widely used as a supplement to physical exercise practitioners. Three amino acids are involved in creatine synthesis in our body, they are: arginine, glycine and methionine (Biesek et al, 2010). The main sources are found in red meat, fish and poultry, containing approximately 4 to 5g / kg of creatine (McArdle et at., 2001).

        In literature we find some articles that report the possible benefit of such substance for increasing lean mass and physical performance (MIHICet al., 2000; AGUIAR et al, 2013.). They have been reported increases in muscle workload after only three days of creatine supplementation (ZIEGNFUSS et al., 2002).

   Subjects who have lower levels of creatine intramuscular (e.g. vegetarian) are more sensitive to this supplementation compared to individuals who regularly consumed beef (BURKE et al., 2003). Based on the evidence adequate intake of nutrients optimizes preceding the training results as lean mass and accelerate recovery of skeletal muscle (CRIBB and HAYES, 2006).

       Tipton et al. (2001) in their study compared the intake of pre and post exercise essential amino acids and noted that there was a higher protein synthesis when consumption preceded the exercise, the authors credited this to the greater transport of amino acids to the lower limbs (members evaluated in this study ).

       Cribb and Hayes (2006), report that the intake of a supplement composed of protein, carbohydrate and creatine immediately before and after the training showed better results in relation to lean body mass gain and increased strength compared to intake in the morning and of the night.

        Esmarck et al. (2001), produced a study which compared the creatine intake immediately after training and two hours. The authors identified best results with respect to increased muscle cross-sectional area when the substance is ingested immediately after. This finding suggests the importance of this strategy to skeletal muscle.

But when you supplement with creatine before or after the training session?

       Pioneers in comparison to pre creatine intake and immediately after training session, and Antonio Ciccone (2013) recruited according to them “recreational bodybuilders”, where they were divided into two groups and assessed changes in body fat, fat-free mass, body weight and muscle strength. The power of the volunteers was similar to try to correct interference.

      The authors found no significant differences in the variables comparing the two groups, but highlighted the possible influence of short research time (only 4 weeks) for such a conclusion was made one time effect analysis.

       The most significant findings are given regarding the muscular strength changes (6.6% before and 7.7% after training intake), assuming they were already trained subjects, considerable results.

And the question is: Do you use or used Creatine? How to consume? Pre or post training? Comment.