List of banned substances in sport


The about high performance sport world is relentless and the pressure for results occurs daily. There are various substances which have an ergogenic effect and can be determinant to be a difference between competitors.

Knowing this, the use of these substances is often some cases by request of the athlete to benefit and in other cases by carelessness or even by coach irresponsibility.

So that there is the use of such substances there is the World Anti-Doping Code, which on 1 January 2015 provided an updated list of prohibited substances in sport. The Ciencia do Treinamento site, in order to collaborate so that coaches and stakeholders can update with the matter, offers download the

list separated by type and in the future we intend to provide a list in alphabetical order, separated by type and in which products are found.

Download it by clicking the file name: Lista de substâncias proibidas 2015