Muscle Strength

arthur-zanetti-ouro-jogos-em-londres-21 As the main motor capacity of human beings, muscle strength is the subject of several studies, both in health, as in sports training. Each author defines it according to his critical view, seeking a better concept and understanding for it. Carnival (2002) defines muscle strength as the maximum force that can be generated by a muscle or muscle group. As for Zakharov (1992), muscle strength is the ability of overcoming external resistance and counter-action to this strength through muscle strain. To Baechle and Groves (1992), is the force that the muscle or muscle group can exert against resistance at maximum effort. Guyton and Hall (1997) characterize the muscle strength as the ability of the muscle or muscle group, has to overcome a given resistance at a given speed in a given year. “Generic name for the strength of a muscle. It is understood, with both static force employed by maximum voluntary request of a muscle, as developed during a voluntary muscle tension, maximum, dynamic “(HOLLMANN & HETTINGER, 1983 cited SILVA, 2007). In order to understand the muscle strength is necessary to know the main agent of all generator this process: the muscle. Image Reference: Noticias R7