The stimulus sports practice in Brazil

Esporte-na-adolescência.-03 Research conducted by IBGE indicates one of the possible reasons why certain sportshas fewer practitioners in the country. The National Research of student health in its latest version, in 2012, evaluated the capital of 26 states and the Federal District, analyzing data such as: Number of public and private schools with court, running track, swimming pool, offering extra activities. With regard to the presence of blocks in schools has been calculated that in Brazil an average of 79.4% of schools have courts (not all multisport) and highlighted that 93.4% of private schools can count on that space. The region with the lowest percentage of blocks was the Northeast with only 50% and the best structured region in this regard was the South with 96.4%. Schools with running track are rarely seen in Brazil only 1.9% of the capital schools have this structure. The southeast and northeast regions are below the national average with only 1.2% and the region with the highest index is the South with 4.8% (24.8% of private schools has run). Capital as Manaus, Sao Luis and Campo Grande had nil. Analyzing the values related the amount of pools in schools, it is noted that the national average is 6.7%, very low number due to lack of structures in public schools. The only above the national average regions are the Southeast and the Midwest. The negative highlight is to the South. The fact that they only 1.7% of schools with swimming pool can have influence of lower temperatures during much of the year. The offer of extra activities in schools could have greater numbers. The national average was 65.6% and only the southern region exceeded this value. Because it is something simpler and cheaper, you could quite easily increase those numbers. In view of the above numbers, and the study of Alves et al. (2005) found results which shows that children and adolescents physically active tend to be more active adults, we can perhaps understand a little because the Football and Futsal are so practiced while, athletics and swimming are well below. Is this a cultural or lack of stimulus? The stimulus for our children to teenagers have contact with various activities can motivate them to make more time of your week for exercise, thus preserving their health and improving their physical fitness or even better, where new players who can meet our colors and bring new achievements for our nation. Image reference: